Calling all Badass Boss Bishes who are ready to grow their empire and make money by doing what they love…

What if you had the accountability to use your magic to create incredible systems + strategy to skyrocket your business in as little as 90 days?!

Without burn-out, lowering your rates, or feeling the need to be everything to everyone! 

Say HELLO to the Boss Bish Cohort!

The 90-day intensive created specifically for magical boss bishes who are looking for a way to take their service-based online business back into their own hands and do what makes their heart sing - while making money doing it!

In just three months you will:

Get the accountability you need to tap into your genius and gain the confidence to FINALLY create an aligned offer that let’s you help your Unicorn Clients while doing what you do best!

Create badass systems

Create badass systems that are crafted for YOUR business (not cookie-cutter templates that you will never use)

Build out your magical offer

Build out your magical offer and step into your element by doing only what you LOVE

Learn where to find those Unicorn Clients

Learn where to find those Unicorn Clients who appreciate your time and expertise and who can’t wait to pay you for what you do!

Develop a 90-Day Actionable Plan

Develop a 90-Day Actionable Plan to help you put your business on the fast-track to success!

Find accountability and guidance

Find accountability and guidance unlike any other as you navigate this new era of your empire!

Support for Every Phase of Your Business

Let’s face it. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to building your business. Your business is as unique as you are and you deserved to have systems, strategy, and guidance tailored to where you are currently - and where you want to be! That’s why the Boss Bish Cohort will guide you through the various phases of growing your empire.

New Moon Phase

Start building a solid foundation for your business and learn how to figure out which systems will work best for YOU. We’ll ditch the clutter and create a plan to streamline + automate your success.

Waxing Phase

Time to start reprogramming your brain. It’s true when they say “mindset matters.” As you take this journey to step into your Boss Bish Era, you’ll learn how to equip yourself with the tools to stay positive and overcome any obstacles that come your way.

Full Moon Phase

Let’s make some magic! Now is the time to truly lean into your gifts and own your magic. You no longer have to try to be “everything to everyone.” This is about creating a business you LOVE and sharing what lights you up inside.

Waning Phase

The last phase - and most important phase is actually putting all of the puzzle pieces together and having a solid offer for your to put out there for people to see and for you to confidently sell to your unicorn clients. 

Let’s Make Some Magic!

With the 90-day cohort you’ll get everything you need to step into your element.

  • Access to our Exclusive 90-Day Community with 3 Weekly Focus Group Zooms Calls.
  • Dialed in attention on your Magical Offer 
  • Out-of-this-World Accountability, plus Mindset and Business Support
  • Systems Reboot - Let's make sure your systems are actually working for YOUR business and not for the gurus that told you to do it their way!

Wanna know if you’re ready for your Boss Bish Era? Here’s how you can tell if this is for YOU!

You are…

  • A service-based business owner who is looking for MORE. You can’t explain it but it feels like something is “missing” and you’re looking for the magic ingredient to growth!
  • Wondering how you can ditch the overwhelm and do only the things you are passionate about while still reaching the next level in your business.

You have…

  • Ambition and are willing to put in the work while keeping an open-mind and learning new things!
  • Already been searching for ways to combine business training and metaphysical badassery to level up your results and create an empire that feels authentic to YOU.

You want...

  • To have an offer that actually EXCITES you and to find aligned clients who see the value in your time, effort, and energy!
  • Clarity around what you do and people that understand you so you can talk out your ideas!
Stephanie Barthelmes, Online Clarity Guide

Meet Your Guide, Stephanie

Stephanie Barthelmes is a wife, mother of two special needs boys, lover of all things magical, AND a badass Business Clarity Coach. Now she is showing other magical service-based providers how to break free from the corporate mold and be unapologetically themselves by embracing their gifts and truly stepping into their element to build an empire they love.

Time for Some Tough Love

On the fence about joining us? I know… it can be a little nerve-wracking to invest in something when you’ve tried so many things in the past. And I’m here to tell you - this really is different than anything you’ve been part of before.

So, let’s take a peek into what not joining the Boss Bish Cohort might look like for you…

You’ve been trying to grow your business consistently for a while and it feels like you’re walking through quicksand. The more effort you put in and the more things you try, the more you feel like you’re getting sucked into “the struggle.”

It’s gotten to the point where you’re just trying to do anything and everything you can to bring in an income to support yourself and your family, and nothing seems to be working. The burn-out is real and you’re tired of not being able to find clients who respect your energy and your time.

The overwhelm of all the information being bombarded at you from gurus telling you how you “should be” running your business has you wanting to throw in the towel completely. 

And that’s not the path I want for you. 

Between you and I - I’ve created this program to help people like YOU…

Business owners who just want to do what they love and make an impact - and an income - by sharing their gifts!

That’s why your investment into the Boss Bish Cohort will give you the tools and support you need to feel confident in yourself and put out an offer that makes you feel like a True Boss Bish. 

Remember, there are only 10 spots available! So don’t wait to save your spot because the longer you wait, the longer it’ll be before you can tap into this incredible energy and start intentionally building the empire of your dreams!


How often do we meet?

3 days a week each day for about 90 minutes and you will leave with an actionable plan.

Will we have a special chat?

Yes! We will be using the Telegram app to stay in contact with one another.

Will you be putting the tech together?

No! I will guide you through it all and answering any questions you may have.

Do you offer refunds?

I highly doubt you will want or need one, but due to the nature of this system, there are no refunds.