Kate Cornelius and Stephanie Barthelmes

get your card an entire day early! 

Bump and jumps are incredible...you get extra cards and more time with us, so why not get the same thing an entire day early + a whole bundle of them so you know that you are set for each NEW and FULL Moon reading?

Your guides are calling you, and they're asking you to ditch the generic Tarot Tuesday for something much more life altering!

Kate Goddess 1

A bish slap is one thing (we agree the energy is ????) but a bish quantum leap is a whole 'nother story.

As an Elite Goddess you deserve to receive the direct guidance that sets your soul and your mission on fire, without wasting time or waiting in line. The Bish Slap Bundle will do just that, FASTER!

Stephanie Goddess 1
Kate Cornelius Goddess 2

When you select to become an Elite Goddess you set yourself apart and expressly inform the Universe that you are READY for all the magic meant for you. All you have to do is claim the package that's calls to you!

6+ Cards

Y'all know the universe be doing what it wants with these cards. 

2 Amazing Readers

Both Kate and Stephanie will be connecting to your guides to channel the messages you are seeking. 

1 Day Before Everyone Else!

YES! Receive your reading an entire day early. And you can still join the live Bish Slaps for an off the top free card from each of us as a Bish Bump Bundles founder.

Stephanie Goddess 2

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About us

Kate C and Stephanie B

With over 28 years combined cosmic knowledge, Kate and Stephanie are on a mission to help elite goddesses and warriors align to their true inner knowing.

Stephanie, a tech goddess who infuses moony magic into systems, uses her intuitive mediumship to tap into your spirit guides and channel their message to life.

Kate, a Strategic Embodiment Expert who focuses on growth mastery, brings oracle foresight and cosmic channeling into one-word oracle guidance to heighten the focus of your cosmic message.

Together, bringing you that tender sting of the Bish slap.