Stop struggling with "who am I in my business" syndrome and start using the Moon and the Community as a powerhouse to start sharing your authentic you!

It’s time to join a community where you feel safe to be yourself and grow into the magical human you were always meant to be. With the Boss Bish Cohort learn how to use the Moon and step into Your magic Your way.

Doors Close on January 11, 2024

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You missed out!

You're a business owner, I see you.

You've been doing this for a few years now and you're just not understanding why it isn't flowing like it is for everyone else. Why does it just make sense for some people and it just isn’t clicking for you?

How is it that some of those Bishes have all this forking confidence and clarity?

Who actually has this much natural confidence? Like how do they know this much about themselves? There has to be a secret somewhere that no one is telling you right!?

Bullshirt I know! 

It can totally feel like that especially when you are having those highs and lows in business. You feel like you have it all together and then all of a sudden the carpet is pulled out from under you. 

You thought you were doing it all right and then wtf just happened…

Babe…we've all been there. It happens…

You’ve wanted to quit so many times. 

The tests just keep on happening.

Trust me, babe, I see you, I’ve been you.

The doubts creep into your mind if you are moving in the right direction. And then you start listening to what everyone is telling you that you HAVE  TO DO. All the gurus know what’s right for YOU and they don't even know what your forking business is or who your audience even is. 

Nothing they're teaching you is working for you. It’s just not landing at all. 

I know you know that feeling…

Feeling like you are screaming into the void trying to be you and trying to be part of a community that doesn't truly exist. 

Being told to just be yourself and then in another breath, yourself is too much!

Well, babe don’t worry because that shirt doesn’t happen in the cohort. You’re about to find yourself here…and feel safe being you!

Unlike Other Cohorts

You May Have Been Part Of Where You Have Someone Standing In Front Of You Dictating What You Have To Do To Be The Best You, We Are Going To Be Working TOGETHER To Become Our Best Selves. 

We all know the truth:

We need to work together to be the most powerful! Reciprocal energy is where it is at and that is exactly what you are going to get when you are working in the Boss Bish Cohort. You are going to learn more about yourself than you ever have before by learning the Moon and how it is truly affecting you.

Imagine feeling completely safe being your truest self.

No more:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Biting your tongue
  • Worrying about saying the wrong thing
  • Showing up as someone you aren’t
  • Working to fill shoes that “don’t fit”

Let’s stop trying to be someone we aren’t and be the complete magical Boss Bishes we’ve always been babe. Let’s step into this magic and own that shit together.

With nobody standing there telling you who you had to be, what would it feel like to:

  • STAND  in your authority and be proud of who you are
  • BE FREE to be whoever the fuck you want to be and own the magic you’ve been given
  • Be crystal clear on who YOU are and what you were meant to be doing based on YOUR chart not what some guru told you to do. 
  • HELP people by doing what YOU love and even make money doing it.
Mandy Troutman

Mandy Troutman If you are looking for an awesome group of people who lift you up and are like minded thinking, this group is for you. Not only was I pushed to grow but I also was pushed in a positive way. Everyone in the group was so supportive and encouraging as well as helped with different questions.

Hey Bish, I’m Stephanie Barthelmes,
Your Favorite Boss Bish And Certified Moon Pro!

I’m the intuitive baddy you have been waiting for!
I’ve been working with badass Boss Bishes like you strategizing and building the online business of their dreams. Helping them to step into their true authentic selves while simplifying and streamlining their systems so that they can make the impact they just know they are destined to create!

I’ve been lovers with the moon for the last 25 years. She has guided me through countless [expansions] - from:

Stephanie Barthelmes
  • Having kids when every doctor told me it was impossible.
  • Knowing what each child was going to look like.
  • Getting divorced when I knew it was the absolute right time.
  •  Finding my Unicorn 2 years later because I literally called him…Practical Magic style (IYKYK)
  •  Getting fired from a terrible job because it needed to happen and I was too scared do it myself
  • Starting my business as a Virtual Assistant
  • Immediately Creating a 6-Figure Virtual Assistant Agency
  • Realized that I loved helping women grow their businesses and I became a Virtual Assistant Coach Specifically for Tech VAs
  • The Tech VA Mastermind was Born which phased  into the magic  of the Boss Bish Cohort
  • Which led me to become a certified Moonologer assisting amazing humans just like you inside of this amazing cohort.
Terri Testimonial

The Boss Bish Cohort is here to change how you look at yourself and your business.

It is a 90-Day investment for you to learn how to understand the moon as a tool to grow and manifest to your heart's desire, and also step into the most incredible you, you have ever been all while building your most magical business that’s going to get you there.

It is all about learning about yourself on a deeper level and understanding how the moon is affecting you every single day, month, year…BISH she has been there your whole life and you are just NOW noticing her.
You get to start marketing based on what makes sense to you and your people…not on what a guru says who knows nothing about you. 

Ashley Villa Looking for the most magical place to build your business? Then you’ve found it. Stephanie is ALWAYS someone I’ve felt comfortable going to for guidance and support. And the Boss Bish Cohort was just a continuance of that incredible energy. Not only was it a safe space for me to share my struggles and celebrate my little wins, I was also amazed by the aligned direction that Stephanie gave us each week for our business.

Each call topic felt slightly timely and having the added aspect of “woo” with the business tarot readings helped to make the “lessons” hit at such a deeper, more personal level.

If you are looking to level up your business and create a little magic of your own, then you don’t want to miss out on this cohort!

With The Boss Bish Cohort you’ll be able to:


the life you truly want using the moon because when we understand the moon according to our zodiacs that is when the real magic starts to happen. 


and understand the moon’s cycles and how they are affecting you because you don't deserve to feel like shit when you can fully step into your most magical Boss Bish self. 


a marketing plan that is based on your Moon’s personality that will start bringing in clients.


doubt in self by achieving the clarity you are looking for so that you can build the confidence to truly be your empowered self. 


incredible networking opportunities with access to the Boss Bish Werkspace, the Badass 24/7 co-werking space created for amazing humans like you to work and share space when you need to be magical.


the Boss Bish within once you understand your Houses and how to truly work with the daily moon so that you can simplify your systems to match your magical energy. 

So if you are ready to find clarity in who you are...

Truly learn how the magic of the moon works, and really grow your business in the most authentic you possible…

Then the Boss Bish Cohort is the perfect space for you!

Listen, I was thinking about you when I made this Boss Bish...

So here's the thing, this offer speaks for itself and will only call to you if you are:

ready to learn how you can make the moon your Best Bish and use her to find clarity in your business.
seeking a safe space to express yourself and really bring together your offer.
looking for a community that truly understands collaboration over competition.

AND is also...

a spiritual baddy
has a neurospicy brain (not a must, most definitely a plus though)
can handle the word fork (the actual word who is screaming fork, honestly guys)

It's true there are only 15 spots available. The container is small for a reason.

I was serious when I said I was creating a safe space for you.
I was serious when I said I wanted this to be a space for you to get to know your people.

I was serious when I said that this was about you and not me.

This is not going to be someone standing over you and dictating how you should run your life or business. This going to be you stepping into YOU. Finding YOUR clarity and using the beautiful moon

Feeling the safety knowing that there will never be the judgment of who you are and what you do. The decisions you make. You get to be YOU.

This is only offered once a quarter though so you will have to wait for the next round to sign up if you don't sign up now

While I can’t guarantee that you will always have the easiest time creating your wildest dreams [from scratch], I CAN guarantee that your entire life will change all because you took a chance on yourself. 

Here are all of the amazingly delicious goodies you will be getting once inside of the cohort:

Moony Musings the Boss Bish Way - learn how to use the moon not just in your life, but with your business too. Change the way you manifest and learn about who YOU really are. (Value $997)

 3 months access to Boss Bish Collective - the most magical space on the interwebs, our 24/7 co-werking space is the place where you can go to get shirt done whenever you need. No matter the time or day. (Value $132)

New Moon and Full Moon Readings based on your personal moon chart - each month while you are part of the cohort I will giving you an intuitive reading based on your moon chart. (Value $222)

Weekly Boss Bish Slap Readings - join Stephanie and the rest of the cohort weekly to get a Bish slap from the universe. Find out what your guides are trying to tell you. (Value $1333) 

Learn How to Create A Sigil - create your own personalized sigil and watch magic start happening all around you(Value $97)

BONUS 1:1 Moony Boss Bish Reading - Start marketing based off what the moon says. Once my clients start changing their marketing around the concept the changes they were seeing was remarkable. (Value $2222)

BONUS Intuitive Tech Audit - as the Tech Goddess I have years of experience and a true gift knowing what tech my clients should be using in their business. We will go through and see if your tech stack is truly what you should be using or if we can KISS (Keep It Simple Sweety). (Value $3333)

A total value of: $8336
And you only pay: $3333

Doors close on January 1, 2024

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You missed out!

Won't it be amazing walking away with clarity in your business and marketing?

And have knowledge of the Moon! Let's change that today

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you've got questions babe and I've got the answers…and always remember never be afraid to ask the questions…the smartest people ask the best questions.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! I offer 3 affordable payment plans.

Will the Boss Bish Werkspace be Free for life?

No, unfortunately after the 90 days of the Cohort is complete you will be removed from Werkspace unless you choose to renew your membership.

How long do I have access to the course?

For life! The course is yours for as long as you want to access it Boss Bish.

How many times will we meet?

We will have bi-monthly meetings that will last roughly 90 minutes. I a lot that time for you to ask questions. We also have New Moon and Full Moon Readings/Rituals so we will be getting our magic on.

What if I can't commit every day?

I feel like a broken record here and babe I get it life happens. You are not committed to me or anyone for that matter. You do you work at your pace. If you need me to be up your ass I can be…if you need me to be hey babe how ya doin…I can be that too…this about flowing with YOUR intuition.

How do I make sure I actually do this?

Babe, you are not alone! You will be surrounded by humans who are looking for the exact same thing you are. Literally, a lot times we are so scared to ask the questions that others are scared to ask. So then the one person asks and everyone is relieved. This is how we empower one another. This is how we create leaders.

Babe, you have support. You have people that want you to win. You have humans that think what you do is incredible. Go do the incredible things.

How much time is required?

As much time as YOU want to invest. Listen I'm not going to tell you what you have to do, I'm not your mama. I will cheer you on like your mama though, bet. 

Is there a community with this?

Well duh! We will have a private interactive community. I promise you will love it. It is truly personal and we are able to connect and share.

Are you ready to step into your power Boss Bish?

Are you ready to find all that yummy clarity that is you!
No more cookie cutter bullshit that doesn't feel authentic. Its time to step into the full you and understand your business in a way you never have before. Its time to shape your business around you. 

Ok last time, here's what you're gonna get:

Moony Musings the Boss Bish Way - (Value $997)
3-Months Access to Werkspace - (Value $132)
New Moon & Full Moon Readings - (Value $222)

✨ Weekly Boss Bish Slap Readings - (Value $1333)
Learn How to Create a Sigil - (Value $97)
BONUS 1:1 Moony Boss Bish Reading - (Value $2222)
BONUS Tech Audit - (Value $3333)
Total Value: $8333
And you only pay: $3333

Hey Boss Bish,

You are the most incredible human! It is time to show the world who you are. Stop hiding and let's support one another in our growth. Let's start using the tools the universe gave us and build our beautiful empires together! 

Stephanie Signature