Find the Clarity You've Been Seeking From your Guides

Why is the Boss Bish Reading so different from other readings...

You have probably had so many card readings at this point that you are a certified pro...

Babe, I get it. At one point I was sort of jaded. I kind of felt like the readers were all over the place and some were so out of integrity. #EWE

Here is what is different about The Tech Goddess Boss Bish reading for you...she is a neuro-spicy queen who isn't afraid to be honest with you. And these readings are ONLY about YOUR business.

You see I use my intuitive gifts to make sure that we are focusing on what you want to focus on what your higher self wants you to hear. Your higher self is yelling at you alllllll of the time and you just have to be willing to hear it...are you?

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  • 60 Minute Reading
  • Recording of Your Reading
  • Intuitive Business Strategy Session
  • Messages From Your Guides
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  • 60 minute Boss Bish Reading
  • Recording of your reading
  • Clarity on what is happening in your business
  • Find out what your guides are trying to say to you