its time to find the people who want to celebrate your growth and want to grow with you!

Stop putting yourself in spaces that make you feel small and unsafe. The Boss Bish Werkspace is the 24/7 co-werking space where you can BE YOU without the fear of judgment AND you still get shit done in your business.

Introducing Boss Bish Collective Werkspace

The Boss Bish Werkspace is the most magical space on the interwebs that you never knew you needed as a business owner.
It is for the Boss Bish who is seeking a safe space to not only get their work done.
It is a space where you can show up completely as yourself with no judgment and just be. 

✨ Be Whoever You Want to Be

In this space, you get to be whoever you want to be (as long as it isn't a mean girl... we won't let you hang because we don't let that energy fly in our house). It's a safe and supportive space where you can come as you are, create with passion, and take action towards your goals.

✨ Harness the Power of Collective Creativity

Are you ready to become a motivated Boss Bish who thrives on momentum and leverages the energy of collective creativity? Then this virtual co-werking space is the perfect fit for you. Join us today and witness the transformational power of collaborating with like-minded individuals.

What makes the Werkspace so magical?

Are you ready to step into a world of limitless possibilities? Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to join our high-vibe werkspace. We're waiting for you, babe! 

Be your most authentic self.

Never worry about how others will judge you or think they will react if you say something. We are all there for each other.

Find your safe space.

It's important that the humans in my life feel that they can be their magical selves and get werk done. You are safe in these spaces.

Get shit done.

24/7 co-werking space created so that you can get shit done. Created because as a woman with ND I know werk can't be scheduled. It happens at magical times. Also we are located all over this amazing world let's werk together in this lonely digital world.

Connect with the most incredible humans.

Netwerking is key in this digital world and when you know the people that is how you grow and thrive. When we are on the same wave length reciprocal energy is so incredibly beautiful and magical.

Promote daily.

Promote your badass self daily and connect with your potential dreamy clients.

So, if you're looking for a magical space online with other humans to connect with who love to get shit done, laugh about inappropriate things, and love the word fork…

Then the Boss Bish Werkspace is perfect for YOU!

Bish…here's the thing, we need to make sure it's a match made in heaven so is this made for you?

  • “That's what she said” jokes make you giggle
  • You're looking for Bishes that are woo curious
  • You want a no structure co-werking space
  • You're ND (this isn't a must, just a plus)
  • Woo curious (also not a must, just know the woo flows with us ✨)
  • You're ready to find the space where you can get shit done

How do you possibly get shit done!?

Easy, R - E - S - P - E - C - T, we are all there for the same thing, to get werk done. If we want to talk something out we ask the space if everyone is ok with it and we do.

The digital co-werking space has made it possible for a lot of us to create projects, make ideas happen and build a family around harmonious community.

The Boss Bish Werkspace allows you to werk with others in an otherwise lonely secluded werking world. You are able to vent issues if you choose to. Talk out any tech issues. Test new projects. It is perfect for the Boss Bish growing her Business living her digital nomad life.

It's the most magical space on the interwebs. 

This is a monthly membership that is worth every penny...and for sure will help you grow your business!



/billed monthly

  • 24/7 Co-werking Space
  • Daily promo
  • Netwerking opportunities
  • Private Telegram Group


How much is it?

It is just $44 a month and there are special payment plans that give you a little bit of a discount. If you decide that you want to pay quarterly, it is $111 every 3 months and if you want to pay yearly it is $500 a year.

Can I cancel anytime?

You may cancel at any time. You may also rejoin at any time. 

How are you making this 24/7?

I was able to figure out a way to make it all work with my magical tech skills, I am the Tech Goddess after all. You are able to enter the space whenever you feel like working. There are no scheduled times that you have to show up.