Soap Box – Can we just stop…

Soap Box – Can we just stop…

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Soap Box

Okay. Y’all I need to vent about something. Soapbox moment! Alright, so I am just so, so over hearing my friends. No, I’m so over hearing women, it’s all women just doubting themselves and putting themselves down. We are so conditioned to not allow ourselves to be, to be proud of ourselves; to acknowledge the fact that we’re good at something; to know that we’re allowed to own something. I hate that. I hate that we’re not allowed to go out and say, we’re awesome because me saying that I’m awesome makes me conceited. Like me saying that right now I am inside feeling like I’m full of myself and I’m conceited and I’m, you know, whatever, like whatever you can think of, I’m feeling that right now. And I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t because if I was a dude saying that right now, nothing like it wouldn’t be an issue.

And I feel like that’s a big, big, bad mind, a mind fuck that we deal with as women. And that’s something that I’m definitely working on every day. And that’s something that I work with my clients on because you know, we definitely have to get over that. That was one of the biggest things I had to get over myself in my business, starting out because I had to acknowledge the fact that I am good. I am so good at what I do when I am in this space. And I am in my, my realm. I’m awesome. And there’s nobody that can tell me. I’m not, people come to me for help. They come to me for advice because I know my shit. I do. And I’m proud that I know my shit. You need to be proud of knowing your shit. You need to shout out to the world that you know your shit.

I can help you get to that point. I can help you feel that way. Let me, let me help you. Let me get you to that point where you are shouting from the rooftops. Hey, guess what? My name is Stephanie, and I know my shit. I know how to make you feel better about yourself. I know how to make you feel empowered and make you feel proud of the work that you’re doing. I know how to make you go out and say, Hey, I’m awesome. This is what I’m doing. This is what I’m doing to change other people’s lives. This is what I’m doing to make them feel less scared of going out there and being their true selves. This is what I’m doing to make mental health, less of a stigma.

Listen, life is scary. And it’s really, really, really freaking hard. It took me a really, really long time to get to this point, but I’m here and I’m really happy that I got here and I want to help so many more of you get to this point and I will, and I’m gonna so just, let me help you. All you have to do is let me help you get there and we can do it. We can do it together and it will be awesome. And it will be amazing. And we’ll just change each other’s lives because that’s what happens because from the people that I’ve worked with, I learned something from them while they’re learning from me, I learned something from them and it’s so awesome. It’s just so amazing. I meet so many amazing women. And while they say that I’m helping them and that I’m, they’re learning from me. I learned so much from them. Like I feel empowered by empowering them. Like I just, yeah, like let’s do that. Can we do that for each other? Can we empower one another? Let’s do that. Let’s work together. Please want to? Let’s do it.