Y'all I did two Year of the Boss Bish readings and they were fucking amazing!

Here is the thing...I HATE STRUCTURE!!! We don't flow when it comes to readings...????

Doesn't make sense right! Me the systems QUEEN not liking structure!

When it comes to readings though...it is an entirely different world and I have to honor that...

SOOOOOOOOOO I revamped the Year of the Boss Bish readings and made them make sense to us. Yes us, you were 1000000000000% involved in this decision...all of this is for you because your guides come through to me in a special way. 

Stephanie Barthelmes

Everything is present...it isn't a future thing for me...I am not a fucking fortune teller...that isn't how I roll...you know this...I know this...so let's not pretend I'm someone we know I'm not right! 

So how is this year pull different from other year pulls? I am so glad you asked! 

In the most Bob Barker, Price is Right voice, here's what you get: 



  • 30 - minute initial reading (I need to know who the fork I am going to be reading for a year I mean DUH)
  • A personalized message from yours truly with a 2-card "forecast" for that month for 12 months
  • Messages from your spirit team
  • Clarity on what is happening in your business/life
  • Monthly Payment Plans Available

What They're Saying:

Y'all this deal is too good to be true!

Not to toot my own horn, but if you've had a personalized reading from me you know they really connect. And all I want to do is help you and empower you!

You can have the best year yet! Are you ready for the Year of the Boss Bish!?

Just a little more love...