Your clients feel it and you know you can help. You just don’t know how to pivot into that niche. Guess what? I got you boo, because you don’t know, what you don’t know. 

The best thing about investing in a coach that works in the industry is that she knows exactly what you are working with. 

Learn how to market tech and systems support like:

  • systems setup
  • VIP days
  • E-Mail marketing where you learn the latest funnel techniques
  • CRM support
  • and any other tech stuff you want to ask me about. 

If one on one coaching is not your thing let’s talk about The Tech VA VIP Lounge. It’s a community full of people who understand the tech language and who are going through the same growing pains as you. In the Tech VA VIP Lounge we share our knowledge and have a safe space to ask any and all the questions we have as we grow. 

I work with the most sought after programs in the industry, including Dubsado, ClickUp and ActiveCampaign among others. 

So slide into my DMs and let’s get this started, and make you a Boss Bish!