Understand how the Moon helps to create the blueprint of your life and manifest the life of your dreams.

With a Moonology reading you’ll be able to understand how the Moon is affecting you daily and start using it to your advantage! 

Every single day that beautiful satellite in the sky is rotating around the Earth. And every single day it is affecting YOU. 

Now what if??!

Hear me out...

What if you could have a map of what your days could look like. Yes babe! When you know how the Moon is going to be affecting you each and every day you can be prepared and create a plan. 

Not only that...when you have a deeper understanding of your chart you start to see how it affects the people around you. Yes, the people you love start to make a lot more sense. How hottttt is that!? Yes, understanding yourself on a deeper level is such a beautiful thing. You can grow and thrive and make major changes in your life. ✨

When you understand Moonology and understand how the houses work on a deeper level…you start to understand the humans in your life. You start to see THEM.

You start to appreciate their magic and all they bring into the world and you can help to make life easier for everyone. 

Yes YOU become this amazing human and you learn how to utilize the magic of the Moon, AND you also get to help the humans in your life understand how incredibly magical they are too. 

Are you ready to understand how magical you and the people around you all are?


What you get:

  • 90 Minute In-depth  Reading
  • Personalized 12 month Moon Journal
  • Deeper knowing of self
  • Manifest with the Moon using YOUR Chart
  • Understand the magic of the people closest to you
  • Life-time Access to the Recording