Check Out Some Of The Programs In My Toolbox

Below is a list of apps and products that I use in my everyday business. I love to call this my Tech Vault. I share this with you because I think sharing knowledge is the absolute best thing to do. That is how we help one another grow. I hope that this list gives you some insight on what you may or may not need with in your business. 

**Yes these are all affiliate links of apps and products that I PERSONALLY use. These are my opinions only.**

In my opinion the best CRM product on the market. It offers everything from scheduling to invoicing. It has contracts, forms and lead captures. I love it and recommend it to everyone I talk to.


Again in my opinion one of the best project management tools on the market. Integrated with so many apps and tools it is hard to pass up on this amazing program.

This is an all in one media editing software that is SOLID GOLD! I use it to record my screen, my face, edit video, audio, and it offers SO MUCH MORE! I nerd out hard on this one because I learned the most and still learn every time I open the program up. The lifetime license is worth the price.

 I use this for my website hosting and I LOVE IT! Their customer service is amazing and so helpful and they offer so much. Definitely my favorite hosting platform out their.

This is what I am currently using for theme on WordPress. I invested in ThriveThemes. This builder has everything you need to keep your website and funnels running. It has all the templates your little heart could want!

This is what I use for my cart and course platform. This is a great for creating high converting cart pages, funnels, courses, affiliate campaigns and so much more. It integrates with so many different platforms it is really easy to see why this was an investment. With the one time payment option, it has paid itself off a thousand times over. 

I absolutely love my blue snowball mic.