Have you ever seen an infomercial? You know, those late-night product spots that showcase how, for ONLY 3 EASY Payments of $19.95, you can have these QUICK, INCREDIBLE RESULTS?

All too often, I see people searching for the "secret sauce" or this magical contraption that will GLOW UP their business overnight. But I've yet to see an InstaSUCCESS Cooker or a way to Slap Chop our Goals!

It's All About Perception 

We see others hitting these milestones and reaching the goals that we are currently only DREAMING of reaching, and we think that they must have "IT" - they must have the "secret" to getting all that they want.

When we are going through our shit, we look at others and have this perception that people are just lucky enough to have the answers to the Universe.

But I've got a secret for you... 

Building Your Business Kung Fu Panda Style

The secret is - there is no secret sauce!

There is nothing out there that you are MISSING out on... everything that you need to succeed is INSIDE OF YOU! When you finally realize that it's all about YOU, how you speak to yourself, how you put yourself out there - that's when the magic really starts to happen.

The secret ingredient is nothing

Putting yourself down or staying in your "misery," does not help you to get where you want to be. Yes, acknowledge your feelings but work towards a solution as well instead of thinking the whole world is against you. 

The Blame Game

I've been there! There was a time when I felt like it was everyone else's fault that MY life was the way it was. And it's so funny because I was right... I was the one creating that world and that environment that wasn't allowing me to grow.

It was me allowing those people into my space. I was the one accepting the shitty situation. Stephanie B, me, I was accepting an abusive relationship.

But after having my son, who has Cerebral Palsy (click on the link to learn more at Cerebral Palsy Foundation link), I realized that we are only a victim if we allow ourselves to be. My son has to work ten times harder because his brain doesn't process things the way everyone else's does BUT he never gives up. So... how could I allow myself to give up or stay in a negative mindset when things are "tough." What kind of example would I be if I told myself "I couldn't" do the things i wanted to do.

So, if there is something that you want to do... you have to at least give yourself a chance.

You have to believe that you're able to.

You have to actually put forth consistent effort and keep moving forward.

Once you shift your mindset into the "I CAN" attitude and surround yourself with uplifting people, your reality will shift and things will begin to move in your favor.

If you're ready to step into your element, find success, and change your ENTIRE LIFE... click here to schedule a call and let's chat. This is the time for you to make some magic. 

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About the Author Stephanie Barthelmes

After ending a terrible relationship with her corporate job, she decided to go all in with her Virtual Assisting business.

As a mom of two special needs boys, she was looking for something that would give her control of her own life and schedule - and Virtual Assisting allowed her to do just that.

Stephanie's business grew and she realized that her passion stemmed from all things Tech, so she niched immediately.

As she continued to deep dive into new systems and perfect her craft, she discovered that what truly made my heart sing was sharing sparks of her magic with those that were interested in starting their own service based businesses.

To help even more people step into their element, she compiled all the knowledge she's gained over the past few years as both a Tech & Systems VA and Business Coach to bring you In Your Element Mastermind.

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