As an Online Business Clarity Coach, it’s my job to help you get to the next level in your business - and sometimes that involves putting up your “wards” to block out those energy vampires!

While I always recommend saving the “drama for your mama,” sometimes you have to deal with people who just love to stir shit up in your life and business. Sure, it can be stressful to have people in your life who try to bring down the vibe, but there are ways you can turn it into something positive.

Making The Big Snip

Let’s face it… there are people in your life who just aren’t going to “get it.” Maybe they aren’t sure how you help others and make money in your business, or maybe they don’t even know WHAT you do! It doesn’t make them any less of a person, it just makes them ignorant to what you do. There are some people who will make an effort to take the time to ask you questions but there are others who would rather start “spinning.” They are so forking jealous of what you are doing, or the success that you are finding, that they decide to spin this whole story or narrative where you are the villain. They wonder how could you be so wildly successful or happy doing something that they don’t understand. 

This reaction could stem from a lot of places - feelings of unworthiness or lack, jealousy, and other limiting beliefs - but when that happens, it’s time to break out the stake. You don’t need Energy Vampires in your life. So if they aren’t already removing themselves, CUT THEM OUT! It can be challenging when it’s family or friends, but it’s okay to set boundaries and start putting some distance between you and them. 

Don’t Feed the Gremlins - At All

The thing about negative people is that they always seem to find their way out of the woodwork. It doesn’t matter if it’s people who are close to you or strangers on the internet - their insecurities will come out when they see you doing something that makes them feel a certain level of “discomfort.” Because of that, they are going to lash out for actually being HAPPY when they aren’t. The best thing you can do in this situation is not to feed into it! 

You can not control someone else’s emotions. To be honest, even if you could… it’s not your responsibility. The only thing you are in charge of is your own emotions. So don’t let them take control of YOU. Take a step back to breathe, find your center, and be happy for yourself. Let them feel how they want to feel and just don’t react. It won’t always be easy - but you’ll be glad you kept your cool and didn’t feed into the negative energy. 

Respect the Reciprocity

Life is all about reciprocal energy. If you find yourself in a one-sided relationship where you are giving all your positive energy and the other person is just dragging you down, it’s time to re-evaluate things. Choose to surround yourself with people who operate on a higher frequency. Lean into the positive relationships that you have in your life currently. If you find that you are lacking in that area, get out there and find a community of people who actually lift you up! The people who challenge you to keep growing and keep moving toward your goals - those are the people you want in your life. 

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About the Author Stephanie Barthelmes

After ending a terrible relationship with her corporate job, she decided to go all in with her Virtual Assisting business.

As a mom of two special needs boys, she was looking for something that would give her control of her own life and schedule - and Virtual Assisting allowed her to do just that.

Stephanie's business grew and she realized that her passion stemmed from all things Tech, so she niched immediately.

As she continued to deep dive into new systems and perfect her craft, she discovered that what truly made my heart sing was sharing sparks of her magic with those that were interested in starting their own service based businesses.

To help even more people step into their element, she compiled all the knowledge she's gained over the past few years as both a Tech & Systems VA and Business Coach to bring you In Your Element Mastermind.

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