With Halloween quickly approaching, I wanted to talk a little bit about finding and wearing our "superhero mask." No, I don't mean one you'd find at your local costume shop... I'm talking about the one you metaphorically put on when you are having a bad day. The one you put on to help you feel stronger to tap into your power.

I've found that this typically happens with women, but I'm sure men can experience it too! You have one of those "meh" days where you wake up just not feeling like the absolute QUEEN that you are. So you decide to control the controllable. You get up, shower, and do your makeup or your hair so that - even though you don't feel great internally - you look like a badass on the outside.

Now, you shouldn't always feel the need to "mask up," but some days, it's that Alter Ego Effect helps you gain the boost of confidence you need to take on the world. So, let's talk about how you can use it for GOOD!

Find Your Super "Strength" by Prioritizing YOU

We've all been there. At one point or another, we've all had the feeling of needing to put on this show, this persona of being alright - and IT'S OKAY! You shouldn't need to do it all the time, but occasionally it can be helpful.

We put on this mask to help us to get shit done.
To get out there and make money...
Or to get up and take care of our kids...

No one else is going to do it for us. So, we have to find that inner strength to make it happen, right?

Don't be embarrassed. If there are little rituals that you do to make yourself feel better so that you CAN show up as your best self and inspire others - then do it!

It can feel so hard some days to even get out of bed. You're not alone. But it's digging deep and finding that reason or that push to get up and keep moving forward. Zone in on that goal to get you to that next step in your journey.

On the days where you "don't want to," those are the days that you love yourself harder and surround yourself with people who lift you up. Don't let the outside chatter distract you, focus on YOU.

As a parent, for example, your kids are always a top priority. Every day you make sure they are showered, dressed, fed, and their emotional needs are met. Right? But, how often are you doing that for yourself? You can't take care of everyone and everything else if you aren't feeling your best.

"Tap" into Your Power

There are plenty of methods out there to help you wash away those icky feelings that can pop up when you decide to prioritize yourself or put yourself out there. One of my favorites, though, is EFT or Emotional Freedom Tapping.

While everyone does it a little differently, the way I do it is a way I learned from one of my mentors. For me, when I hear something that triggers big emotions in me... I tap my nose. 

I've got the power ting!

I ask myself why I'm not allowing myself to move forward, why this is bringing up those feelings inside of me, and think about how I can work through it to be my best self.

Find something that helps YOU get into that better mindset. You don't have to use tapping but you DO need to find something that helps you LEAN INTO that Boss Bish Energy.

Your Mindset Matters

You CAN be the person you want to be. You have the power to build the business you've been dreaming of. But, if you're not moving forward as quickly as you'd like, you need to uncover what is keeping you stagnant or scared.

And let's get real... Making the shift in your mindset takes work. I'm not even going to sugarcoat it for you. It takes a lot of fucking work. But it's the fulfilling work that you have to do and the work that will completely change your life.

It takes doing those little rituals that make you feel like your best self even if you don't feel like showing up. It's creating thoughts that lift you up and speaking life into your goals. Personally, I do affirmations every single day. I wear my thoughts like a CROWN (along with my literal crown) because I know that the things I say to myself MATTER. 

If you need a little support getting into that Boss Queen (or King) Mindset, I want to help.

Not only do I have my "In Your Element" Community which is FULL of incredible resources and magical friendships... but I also have my new Digital Affirmation Deck with 40 Daily Boss Bish Affirmations to really help you step into your boss bish energy.

I put these together because I KNOW that you deserve to live a life you love, to have the things you want, and you deserve to build an empire and a legacy for yourself and your family. But I want YOU to know it too!

You just have to be willing to take action (yes, even when it's uncomfortable) to be the person you were meant to be and start showing up like the person who already has those things.

Are you ready? Click here and let's chat! You are amazing at what you do and I want to be there to remind you every step of the way. Let's change the world, OUR WORLD, together.

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About the Author Stephanie Barthelmes

After ending a terrible relationship with her corporate job, she decided to go all in with her Virtual Assisting business.

As a mom of two special needs boys, she was looking for something that would give her control of her own life and schedule - and Virtual Assisting allowed her to do just that.

Stephanie's business grew and she realized that her passion stemmed from all things Tech, so she niched immediately.

As she continued to deep dive into new systems and perfect her craft, she discovered that what truly made my heart sing was sharing sparks of her magic with those that were interested in starting their own service based businesses.

To help even more people step into their element, she compiled all the knowledge she's gained over the past few years as both a Tech & Systems VA and Business Coach to bring you In Your Element Mastermind.

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